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DamienD's SNES DVD...

Hey guys,

I know this isn't Amiga related but...

...given all the recent DVD creations done by various people, I thought that I might offer one of my recently finished projects to whoever's interested.

Basically it's a SNES DVD which contains the following:
... Latest version of the emulator Snes9x.
... Latest version of the front end LusSpace with title / in game screenshots.
... 1200+ hand picked ROMS.
... Star Fox 2 which is an unreleased demo. Applied patches to make is complete and also changed the language from Japanese --> English.

I'm no programmer but pretty good with batch files and know my way around the registry so I've created a customised setup.exe program which does the following:

Main Menu (see 00_MainMenu.jpg):
... You go through options 1 - 4 to configure everything.

File Loaction + Desktop Shortcut (see 01_FileLocation.jpg):
... Here you select whether you want to copy / run the files from your hard drive or run it straight from the DVD.
... If you select the DVD, the program will find your first assigned CD / DVD drive and apply file paths to this.

Local Hard Drive (see 02_LocalHDD.jpg):
... Here you select which partition on your hard drive you want to copy / run the files from.

Emulator (see 03_Emulator.jpg):
... Here you can set the "best" options like full screen / scanlines etc. or choose the run the emulator just like it originally came.

Controller (see 04_Controller.jpg):
... Here you can select what type of controller you would like to use. I've added in options for Xbox / PS2 pads (need adapter though), also HotRodSE / X-Arcade or of course you can keep the default keyboard setup.

I've also attached screenshots of the front end LusSpace and Star Fox 2 running through the emulator Snes9x.

If you think this is cool and are interested in getting a copy, please PM me

Edit: to save people scrolling through the thread a quick "sort of description by setup.exe features* can be found here: Post #255
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