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Wanted Team


Wanted Team released CUST modules ripped from the following Amiga games:
  • "Tom & Jerry" (v2)
  • "Aaargh!" (v2)
  • "Ninja Mission"
  • "Destroyer"
  • "Elite Intro"
  • "Brataccas"
  • "Golden Path"
  • "Grand Prix Master"
  • "North Sea Inferno"
  • "Persian Gulf Inferno"
  • "Jocky Wilson's Darts Challenge"
  • "Magic Bytes Intro"
  • "Motorbike Madness"
  • "Sky Blaster"
  • "Vector Ball"
  • "Way Of The Little Dragon"
Also added more "Soundcontrol" & "Kris Hatlelid" mods, added more mods on the Rips Page, added some files on the Others Page. Modern PC users can listen to those songs via DeliPlayer and UADE etc.

source :the excellent VORC - Video Game Music or Chiptune news
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