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Originally Posted by gizmomelb
8 bits has a maximum of 256 possible combinations then that is the maximum vertical resolution for the PAL video display.
The video hardware is not limited to 256 lines non interlaced, it can do more with overscan. The registers are not 8-bit.

And why if it where an 8-bit limitation is NTSC 320x200? Why not 320x240?

There IS a genuine technical reason for these sizes and I will find out.

Originally Posted by redblade
hmm so why would overscan be 704 pixels instead of 720 pixels.
I doubt you can see the pixels anywhere past 704 pixels on a TV. Most tubes do not display the pixels right on the edges. Perhaps they did an experiment and found that 704 was the widest any TV could display?

Or more likely that with 512k its the largest screen you can display and still leave enough room for Workbench?
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