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Originally Posted by Kate_45
I'm a girl, been lurking and reading for a while, but was finaly motivated to register by the blatant sexism of this thread (though I must admit to loving great giana sisters when I was little). I'll have you know I am far far better then my boyfriend at amiga games, and even if I wasn't why would I worship him for condescendingly finishing off a level for me?
Damn right. 'Cute' does not automatically equal 'good for girls' From what I know of my social group, girls tend to be less geeky than men, perhaps due to better communication skills (though that is a huge generalisation). While I can happily immerse myself in a great RPG or strategy game, my gf doesn't see the point; to her, its a waste of time, and a dull one at that. That kind of thinking, if my gf can be taken as at all representative of her gender (and again, judging by various female friends, they are usually not interested in computers, especially not games) is perhaps why I don't see as many girls obsessed with computers (or indeed other typical geeky-bloke pursuits, like comics, which I'm also guilty of) as men.

However, she does admit to enjoying Sonic.
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