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Well I started my gaming life around 1978 with this machine that played Pong type games on it, it came with paddle controllers and a light gun to shoot the square whizzing round on the TV screen! LOL. Then came a Commodore VIC 20 in 1982 and loved it! From 1983 onwards that went to make way for a Speccy 128 +2. Since then I (and my Son) have had a Speccy 128 +2A, 2 Megadrives, Mega CD, Megadrive 2, Mega CD 2, Game Gear, 2 Amiga 500's, Amiga CD32, Gameboy Advance, Gameboy Advance SP, NGage, 3 Playstation 1's (2 big & 1 small) and 2 Playstation 2's (big black one and slim silver one)! Oh if I had them and all the hundreds of games now!!

I have had my Grandad of a PC for 8 years now, a TIME AMD Duron 701 MHz processor with 176 MB Ram and a 40 GB HD and boy does it struggle, great for MAME though! I have a PSP and I have a Amiga 1200 (as mentioned before) but I am not benefiting from it! I recently brought a SNES and Games in my bid to collect and go all Retro!
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