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Originally Posted by Dizzy
Useless site if you are not a apple-user.
You mean like WinUAE is useless if you're not a Windows user? What do you expect for a site about Commodore emulation on the Mac? The name, "Think Commodore", is a play on popular Mac rumour site "Think Secret", which is itself a play on Apple's marketing slogan "Think Different". It even says that it's intended for Mac users. This is a big hint that users of other operating systems might find the information a bit irrelevant.

The site's pretty good if you are a Mac user - all the information you need to at least have a go at getting an Amiga emulator running under OSX. Could probably do with some tutorials for setting the emulators up, though - not the easiest task as, unlike WinUAE on Windows, both Mac Amiga emulators are very out of date, and at least one of them doesn't have a GUI.
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