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Originally Posted by dlfrsilver
Then it maybe means that you have to swap to disk 2 !

the cannon fodder crack by fairlight has a black screen with the drive searching.
It happens at mission 13 when you have completed mission 12.

I play right away with your save state, to check what happens.

edit : Yes, the game is crashing, i have to upload the adfs from my disks + my save disk.
Thanks a lot for that, i tried loading before mission 21 and finsihing that, but then the disk just loaded and loaded afterwards, and never reached the menu, so i loaded vefore mission 22 and finished that, then it loaded fine into the menu, so i guss it works.

I wonder what happend with my own save though, maybe it just didn't handle tha fact that no troopers where lost so late in the game
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