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Amiga / Emulator Frontend

Hi guys - Need a bit of help or advice on organising my emulators and roms.

With hard drive prices falling and capacitities increasing, I've decided to dedicate a PC just for emulation, as it doesn't need to be a high spec machine, and the roms don't take up an awful lot of space.

What setup do you guys use ? Do you use any frontends to run games ? I've looked briefly at Lemonade / Gamebase etc.. What are the best and most maintained programs ? Ideally I'd like a program where I can organise Amiga / C64 / Spectrum / SNES roms into separate folders and launch them from one program. It would be great it it supported screenshoots / configs files like Lemonade / Gamebase.

Anyone use such a setup ? Id like to know how your PCs are setup to make things a little easier for finding & playing roms.
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