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nothing flash here

A500 £130 good few years back (dad got me as present so doesnt really count right?)
A500+ £80 few years back too
A500 £50 few years back too

1x A500 1 Meg Upgrade, (Dad got me this) £44.99

2x External floppy £3 and £5
2x Mega Drive Controllers from new £21.98p remember they was £10.99 from Argos

2x Wireless Mega Drive Controllers and reciever £15 was a deal i did with someone at electrical store, donnt make me include price of batteries

A600 with HD Car Boot (was also a win98 disk and product key orig thrown in) £30

A1200 £60 Ebay (12 Games loads of blanks and demo software, Orig Box,Manuals also A1200 inside guide 2 joysticks 2 mouse 1 missing ball...)

1xCompact flash card 128mb (which i bought for my laptop but use on my 1200 to) £12

1xIDE Cable plus 3.0 install disk from AmigaDeals not sure on price 7.99 plus P&P i think...

1x2.5" 4Gb Harddrive £10 ebay

alot of games and software from Car Boots over the years unable to calculate the amount

you can do maths

hehe that last guys Mouse cost more then his A1200, must be a fancy mouse you got there what games can it play

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