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Originally Posted by Bloodwych
Syncro! Great to see you've returned to finish off your project!

The classicwb's on your DVD are probably out of date by now, but since they're really only being loading up for nostalgia I guess it doesn't really matter.
Bloodwych mate

I figured you would you would show up ...I was getting a little worried though seeing as your input really made the DVD what it is.

I have just been talking to Xport who have informed me they are currently updating WinuaeX so assuming it will be finished this week i may hold a couple of days to import the new version on the DVD !!
If you have any updates and i have time to implement them i would love to !!

Preferably like you made them for me last time would be perfect and it would only take minutes to swap over....Let me know what you think mate as they are your setups and i want you to be happy with whats released ....
I have a 4 meg connection so if you have an FTP or even mail me ...i can take up to 30 meg i could get right on it
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