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me and my mates all had amigas when we was younger and we used to go to car boots to buy pirated software we all spent £3 of our pocket money every week on amiga games then copy what we bought for each other

one week my oldest friend at the time bought a bunch of slideshows i remember the guy selling them him laughing, making comments like your be blind before your old enough to watch them legally.

anyway can only remember a couple of them Cindy Crawfords slideshow Madonna Slideshow but the was another one might have been a STAG disk but at the end of it was like a mini cartoon movie like snowwhite and 7 dwarfs doing all sorts of things with medieval contraptions, me and my friends was like WTF!!! think the word we would of used back then would more then likely have been WICKED!!!! or COOL!!!

would love to find that disk again and get it back on my amiga, just to show it my friends
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