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Oh, so my workbench screens aren't good enough to use anymore then...

...only joking!!!!

I know how fussy the XBOX can be when it comes to files so it's unfortunate you have to resort to dual layer (extra expense etc...) but this DVD looks to be the definitive DVD Amiga collection (considering how much you crammed on the Tribute 1 CD!) - I'd love a copy of the disc - and if you want I'm more than willing to aid you with the duplication and distribution of discs. At the very least, let me buy you a pint (or 10!)

I must admit that I've not been doing anything Amiga related for a while - you have probably just rekindled my the point that I may start work on the two games I was writing last year - although total copies of existing games I think they are perfectly suited to the Amiga - Bejeweled 2 and Bookworm.

I have all the graphics for bejeweled and have completed all animations (each jewel type has 50(!) frames of animation alone!!!) The game engine is written so it's really just a matter of merging the two and then adding some sound.

Bookworm just needs an ending and some sound.

Hmmmm. Time to plug the old girl in again!
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