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Hmmm, I'd love to be able to say that I have both but these days I don't...

I'm definitely an Amiga lover. Had an expanded Amiga from about the ages of 12 - 15 years old. Unfortunately it broke and my parents never fixed it. Never really like PCs at that time, they were way behind (always raved how good Amigas were / still are) but at 19 I ended up doing an IT PC / Network support degree in Sydney.

These days I only have a PC and run WinUAE to bring back all the fond memories from my teenage years. I've always loved computer (C64, A500 etc) and especially arcade games (MAME32 is the absolute best) but these days I must say I've also grown to love PCs as well due to the diversity that they offer (and it being my job). I mean, think about any computer / console / arcade system and it's all emulated on the one PC.

Yes, I see all these debates about "nothing is as good as the real thing" and I do agree. Sure I could afford to buy a few different Amigas but how would you possibly be able to purchase / house all the console + arcade boards / machines that you would like. Emulation rocks!!! Just my 2 cents
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