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graphic and audio old programs dusting off; Amiga, ST, early PC

With the new improved support of graphic tablets by Winuae, specifically the build-in of mousehack programs, the use of tablets on old graphic programs is almost as practical and useful as in the modern pc programs as photoshop.
so, recently, i've started to build me a custom workbench for to host the old programs i used to know back in the day, Deluxe Paint, Digipaint and Disney Animation Studio.
But, hey those were and are only a little part of the graphic programs around, considering also that part of the production of digital art before the late '90es used jumped easily from one computer to the next, and so for instance the graphic for an amiga game could have been developed with an Atari ST. I did not know then that so many programs were around and which were the specs of each one, neither i know much about it now!
i can tell that digital graphic could be roughly divided in bitmap and vectorial and vectorial can be divided in 2d and 3d. all the 3 kind had programs already very smart and advanced, not to mention, very user friendly, around 1990.
Then, i thought about the music programs i used to play with with my brother, and the same collectionary intent was starting to tempt me.

so i want to know more, and maybe so wants some of you.
i would propose this thread for to post brief descriptions of the programs, with their killer features, what made or make them uniques, and their cons.
when judge, you can put them in their time frame or judge them as absolute from that and in relation to what a perfect tool should have for a prefixed action.
i'll start with an example, so to be more clear.

Deluxe Paint V
clear and easy toolbar; between the tools, an improved airbrush;
smart colour palette arrangement;
killer feature:
very good and easy animation control and light table;
very limited brush control, where i don't consider the "cloned" brushes;
no layers whatsoever;
poor image' size control, with the image is, more or less, glued to the screen.

please notice, the last two cons are indeed what was standard at the time, but programs have evolved since, and even on Amiga, different solutions were available later.
feel free to add links to reviews, screenshots and goodies; in particular, screenshots of the programs in action are kinda rare;
i add a couple of links:
an amiga chronology with some entry for programs and:
alas in italian only, a site with info and tutorials on graphic programs.
i'll go further in depth later, after i've retry some old progs tomorrow.
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