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Originally Posted by jmbattle
Dary, post #64?

Yes , sorry.

AKJFIF not built in AmigaSYS , PNG or TIFF.
Yes AK datatypes not working Ks 3.0 only 3.1.

I don't think this causes problem, who uses AmigaSYS, AIAB or similar system and not only plays, has KS3.1.
There wasn't any complaint for this. This is like a program's hardware requirement: AmigaSYS need KS 3.0 and Wb 3.0 this is minimum. KS 3.1 Wb 3.1 is good , req : 3.1 , Wb 3.9.

See AmigaSYS About :

AmigaSYS 2- support Amiga OS 3.9 , needs KickROM 3.1 and optional a valid OS 3.9 CD for full features.
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