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3 A500's all the same except for the yellowing on some
1 A1200HD with WB 3.1 i think and DKB 1201 4mb in expansion
1 Athlon XP 2600+ @ 1.9ghz, 512mb ram, 256mb GF 5500FX and 220GB in HDD's (windows XP)
1 Athlon 64, 128mb GF 6600GT, 1GB RAM, 160GB HDD (windows XP)
1 SparcStation 5 (Solaris 10)
1 Medion Laptop, ATi 9700 Mobility radeon, 512mb ram, cant remember what proc 80gb hdd (windows xp)
1 Toshiba Satellite laptop, Intel M processor, 40GB hdd and onboard graphics
1 Apple Macintosh Powerbook 100 68K proc @ 16mhz, monochrome display, speakers, 40mb HDD, 6mb ram
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