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I had this flashing effect at first, just try it with NoVBRMove tooltype, mine works perfectly with that set
Hey, great tip! It works!

The only benefit the WHDLoad install offers over the original installer is Preload.
There is also the added "bonus" of not being able to quit. You can quit with the quitkey while the intro is running, but not after the game has started. You can't even quit with the menu because "Quit" has been replaced with "Info" (piracy note). The readme for the WHDload install says that the quit problem has been fixed, but obviously it is not fixed. (I'd tell the author of the slave, but it's Harry and he seems to have disappeared)

Edit: Oh wait - I just tested again and it is the NOVBRMOVE that is causing it not to quit. You fix one thing and another thing gets screwed. I'm going back to the original install.

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