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Originally Posted by JohnnyWalker
YES! I'm SO glad someone said this! Zool was a total peice of shit!! So was Body Blows ("the Amiga's answer to Street Fighter II", please!). There seemed to be so many "Sonic beaters" that magazines assured us would save the Amiga, but they weren't anywhere near as much FUN as Sonic or Mario. I don't know why developers found it so hard! As soon as they tried to copy the consoles they started producing mediocre crap!

I used to wonder if it was just ME not being able to appreciate these "amazing" games that the mags gave rave reviews to! Even Amiga Power ("disseminator of truth") seemed guilty of it at times (I'm sure they raved about Zool as well).
Im SO Glad someone agree's!!!!!.... I too thought Body Blows was a piece shit, and nowhere near what it could have been!. When it came to Sonic & Mario beaters though, i simply didnt want that kind of shit on my Amiga!. Mario this Mario that, Sonic this Sonic that!.. blah blah blah.. all we ever heard about back then were these 2 highly overated games and characters. But then there was a game like Woody's World that loved that i thought shit all over Zool and it got crap reviews.

Amiga Power had PATHETIC screen grabbing technology, so every shot of every game in the magazine looked shit!.

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