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a totally useless debate...

it's a bit like the idea that alot of people are simply lucky because we 'live' in a so called civilised world...

the bad guys as we call it wouldn't last 5 mins in a real anarchy world... the stronger types would take them out...

but they break all our rules and then our rules protect them...

so forgive me if I don't give one about what you think is underhanded auctions... people with money will always have an edge at auction time and people with enough cheek likewise...

I'm always asking for early finishes in auctions... not because I want to get it cheap but because I want the damn thing now, not the end of next week... heh

so I ask a public question like... hey, how about a $$$ buy now... of course, I cd still loose if someone comes along before I recheck... setting a high price prevents this, I say high since its never happened..

I'm one of the few users around that'll still pay top dollar for anything Amiga...
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