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Those "Stag" disks

Remember these? I stumbled across one from a friend who had given me a blank disk to copy something for him. I often checked out disks I was given to see if they had anything on that I wanted... but my 14 year old eyes nearly popped out of their head when this came on! Heh!

I never saw another one, but since doing a little research it seems that the "Stag" disks are actually quite famous! (They're not listed in the HOL though! ) Does anyone know where they came from? Or who was responsible for them? Considering the person/persons made something that was a sort of "underground hit", it'd be interesting to hear who it was! Were they based in Germany?

I have to say, considering the Amiga's limitations and, most especially, the , ahem, "subject matter", that they were pretty well-made little disks!
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