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they have sentimental value, and this is not for sale.

Don't say cheated, say frustrated. This happened to us every day, me included. Once again, depending on the country, sellers/collectors don't have the same approach.

BTW, even if i had let the auction, you wouldn't had it anyway.
I would have raised more than the pocket money you have per month on
the game....

Hell yes ! People pushing 1000 USD for a toy don't have any knowledge about money value. Once again, you and the guys who think like you are a sort of ELITE that restreint the possibilities of auctionning. And sorry to say you this, but if i really want a game, which is rare (happened only once), i have paid 700 GBP for the best collector of all time :

- The personal cannon fodder copy of Julian Jameson, aka JOOLS, the programmer of the game
- Personal dedicated picture from Richard Joseph himself for winning the auction,
- Private photos from the sensible team with all the guys from Jon hare to stu, chris yates, etc....
- Private photos of the bitmap brothers, with richard and eric matthews
- Private photos of Martin walker (r-type II sound engineer) + a pic of the guy
who shout ICE CREAM in speedball 2.
- the 50 minutes soundtrack of the game unreleased Sex drug n Rock n roll
- Private copies of the gods, chaos engine, speedball 2 master soundtrack from which Richard Joseph has created the amiga soundtracks,
- Videos of all sensible games,
- their personal nail-cutter, ^^
- Pictures of Jackie Read, the singer you hear singing in sensible golf.
- And the best at the end, the inside of the box dedicated by all the team

At last, i'm the french guardian of this game. So it's well protected at Home.

this one exceed whatever you can bid on.
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