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Originally Posted by Anubis
I always wondered why some amiga stuff desapierd after couple of hours. Thanks for explanation.
Another intention why I started this thread.

@woody: if I would have been interested in the furniture I would have been angry, too

Even you know the seller - this doesn't make it more polite. I assume you saw I bid (at least you know me paying hundreds for an item I dare want to have) and thats why you ask him, knowing you would loose (did I said that already? ). I see you know these "crappy" prices for collectible games (thanks for the hint with the QIN game) and to my though this is another proof of your behaviour (unsporting tactic ).

I lose items every week because people who are willing to pay more outbid me fair and square. But what's worse than losing is never getting the opportunity to win. When someone sneaks around working deals behind the scenes, it robs every honest collector of that chance. It is a form of cheating.
to stop this tactic - that's why I bid on the item. Do you want to know what other people do to prevent those hidden tricks?

I may again quote a friend of mine:
To BOTH the bidders and the sellers:

Here's what I'm going to start doing to combat this trend. From now on, every time I find a rare item that I plan to watch or snipe (and I have over a hundred automated searches running several times a week), I'm contacting the seller through eBay, telling them I'm planning to snipe the auction for a high amount, and cautioning them to resist the temptation to close early if they get what seems to be a good offer from someone else. If they do end the auction early, I will ask them why. Possibly from a different e-mail or eBay account, possibly making a counter-offer of my own, I'm a sneaky bastard. If they admit they sold out to a private offer, I will write them back and tell them I would have gone $100, $200, $500 higher. Even if I really wouldn't have, just to make them think they've just pissed away a boatload of money.

Then I will try to obtain the identity of the buyer from them. If they won't reveal it, I will forward their confession to eBay and add them to my blacklist. If I do get the buyer's ID, I will list and report them instead. And since I know a lot of fellow collectors sell on eBay I could get the Ebay IDs from people who ask them to sell privately. I will no longer trade with any collectors I catch doing this, and will advise others against trading with you as well. Starting NOW. This is the warning, there won't be another. Doesn't matter who you are or how long we've known each other. I am SICK of this crap, and I'm doing everything in my power to stop it. I encourage everyone else who doesn't like getting screwed out of fair bidding to do the same.
and thanks for the Mercedes follow up. You could get a mercedes car for less - if it's totally broken. So you would get a game disc only for less than a collectible price. No one is forced to pay high sums on such games. If you don't want to. Wait for a cheapier one - if it doesn't come - then there is a value behind!
I know people spending hundreds of dollars on their "table" railroad. Do I call these individuals mad cause they spend 1000 USD on a toy?

Do you know any HI-RES Adventures by Sierra On-Line (Apple II)? These are worth 300++. I did get one a few months ago. FOR FREE. YES, I even didn't ask for it - I just got it FOR FREE from a collector buddy who knew I was collecting them, too (besides my 3000+ AMIGA games).In return I hand him a very personal letter and a book written by a friend of mine (besides a signed game box) - although he didn't want to have anything in exchange.

Money is not the point.

I just feel being cheated and you know why

Tricked by you and others practising these unsporting tactics.

If these are just boxes and have no value to you - why the heck are you doing this then?

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