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Sorry but that's true i know him personally !

We met in 2003, he was selling A1200 at this period, and yes i had a nice surprise when
i came at his house.

And by this way, no need to convince him. I just ask him if he want to, he has told me the price
he wanted of it, i said yes and so there we go.

The mercedes example is wrong. We're talking about video games ONLY video games, not luxe products. refers to my example about Louis XVI chairs.

Do you know the game QIN on atari ST ? It's a french only game, a real collector.
This game is as rare as Wizard warz. 250 euros minimum for a game of this kind.

I got it for free, only against few games + empty boxes in a new state. I even prefer
swapping with collector friends, it's even cheaper, and i can have real gems without killing
all my money, which is stupid.

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