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Hello drfsilver...

nice to hear your thoughts on this topic. To defend myself - this thread was not aimed at you directly and I wouldn't have mentioned your name either - I wanted to hear other people thoughts about this topic of cheating - and I still hope we'll have a nice discussion here.

YES, it was WIZARD WARS - and the auction was for ATARI ST (I don't need speaking french to differ ATARI and AMIGA ). However this game is very rare (16 Bit) and imagine that the AMIGA version is the same as the ATARI ST (if you only think of the different disc labels)...

I can't really follow your statement.

Ebay is a marketplace, right? Everything is priced on DEMAND - even in the real world. If there is a high demand in rare games I don't see a problem in risen prices.

I don't think that I would get a Mercedes Oldtimer for a few pennies just for the "artificial prices doeesn't allow Mercedes fan people to buy one" ???

There are 50+ games which usually sell for more than 100 Euros and you know that. You even knew that this game would have risen beyond 100 Euros - that's why you ask the seller to end the auction early. And why did you spent 100 Euros then - if games are not worth that money and to quote "
Paying video games even very rare one more than 150 euros is a shame with human misery" - 100 Euros OK then??!?


If I value this game - or many others - more than you could pay - then you loose. Sorry. Better luck next time. However what you did is CHEATING and TRICKING.

Perhaps the seller - as he explained to me - doesn't mind in selling this for 100 if he could have gotten 100+ - that doesn't makes it a nice action.

Yes, Ebay sucks - and if the Customer support would be better I could even report you (this is a "violation of Ebay user agreements" check their FAQ) - but as you know that doesn't work. And for which purpose should I do that?

I take - and other too - collection seriously. I do not "plays speculators / money makers" or snip in a game just to raise the price. I buy games for collecting purposes. Yes, some may raise in pricing and therefore you can speak of an "investment" but this is not when talking about AMIGA games rather than early releases of Apple II games or some carts.

Do I need to state some names? try to find a ULTIMA Mt. Drash for under 3000 USD (complete one), try to find KIZUNA ENCOUNTER for under 10000 USD (jap ed), try to find a STARCROSS Infocom FOLIO Edition ("the saucer") for under 1500 USD. You won't find it....believe me. I collect games for 8 years now...

Sure, I trade rare games or hand them over to friends for less than I could get on Ebay. Why not?friendship and human relations are more appreciated than pushing money alone - even to me mad man

The point is that you convinced the seller (and don't tell me you know him personally) to end the auction early at your BENEFIT - knowing you won't get the opportunity to win it the normal way...
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