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Hello, i'm sad about answer such a thread, which doesn't have anything to do on this
board. I have to clarify many points about this auction.

1) I'm fully against and i fight DAMN hard again peoples (mainly collectors), that artificially bump up the bids on ebay, plays speculators / money makers like Celbulba or some other German collectors do. I never saw french or english people act like this.
Every people deserve to win, even if they can't push 150-500 euros on 1 or 2 rare game. Just imagine that for 200 euros, i can have 43 games NEW and SEALED.
And in the lot, some VERY RARE. When speculators, because that's the name we give them, just come, snipe out at 10 sec from the end because themselves know that the bid is going really high, a way to stop the furious bidding scheme. Most sellers i know
are not driven by MONEY. CEBULBA, money can't buy everything.

2) Paying video games even very rare one more than 150 euros is a shame with human misery. No single video games are valued that high. We are not buying Louis XVI furnitures or anything like that. Finding Moonstone at more than 100 euros is what i call human stupidity. This game has sold normally in France and england, so what about the fucking price ?

3) Amiga is dead now as Bippym stated above, and i prefer losing ten games than losing my lovely girlfriend or my job. Stay in the real world.

4) The artificial prices stated above doesn't allow amiga fan people to bid.

5) Cebulba can't read french, i have kept the best for the end, he has been complaining for not having .... an ATARI ST game !!!!! on an AMIGA FORUM
the auction clearfully stated it's an atari ST version of Wizard WARZ.

6) Insulting the seller by telling him how dumb and stupid and well... he is, is certainly not the
best year's idea. To say the thruth Olivier is not motived by money, he is a F**cking bigger collector than you are, and he knows very well which game is rare or very rare, considering his own collection. I have met him in 2003, he has sold me the A1200 i own actually. I have seen in his home things incredible. Not every people share you 'money' ideas.... live with it !

7) Preservation ABOVE everything. I have a collector friend, who has more than +7000 games, who now is working hand in hand with me to preserve games. He never thought about this idea before....

Conclusion, friendship and human relations are more appreciated than pushing money alone.

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