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Originally Posted by T_hairy_bootson
I love this forum... and 90% of the people on it.

So as a one time FREE GIFT to you my friends I offer Defender of the crown ADFs and CDTV/CD32 Isos.

How do I get these one time offer free gifts? I hear you asking.

Do I have to buy some crappy german amiga magazine? I hear you call out.
i dont think that anyone buy the mag only for this game...

No basically just register on and pay a visit to the vault and all these plus many more cinemaware classics can be yours for absolutely nothing.

And don't say I don't do anything for you guys...
very old info. we release this news some years ago on our page... yesterday someone post the directlink here in the board. but... cd32 isos? where?

And AndreasM can kiss my arse if he doesnt like it...
when you visit me. but why have a problem? we have release this old news a long time ago on our page...
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