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My missus has contacted sellers to buy furniture items etc off e-bay in order to get under what that the buyer will accept.......But NON of you would complain about that.

Because this thread is over "Things you want" for a collection

BUT you don't NEED these items,they don't have purpose beyond filling an empty space on your list, when it becomes such an obsession that you object to the principle of "haggling over a price" it's time to take a step back.

Sure your really pissed at losing something....but polite auctions are geniunely a myth..I know in my earlier days I have many times witnessed "LOT xxxx" being withdrawn from an auction because a seller struck a private deal before bidding was due to open

I am quite sure Gallahad/FLT has had his fair share of car auction double dealing to know, you cannot play fair in trade

I do NOT believe you are naieve in these matters Cebulba but are angry & sad because these unsporting tactics have invaded 2nd hand Amiga games sales.

Now that I understand but as Bippym stated theres no point arguing over it.
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