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Here is the list of all of the games offered at vault:

Classic Cinemaware Games

Defender of the Crown
Cinemaware's introductory offering was originally created for the Commodore Amiga, eventually ported to several game platforms, eventually selling over one million units worldwide.

The Screen Burns With Forbidden Passion and Global War as the Soviets battle the Americans for superiority in space!

King of Chicago
You want the Capone Throne? You want to be The King of Chicago. Who do you trust? Nobody.

Sinbad and the Throne of the Falcon
A ledgendary sailor sets off on an epic seafaring quest!

Rocket Ranger
See the beautiful young daughter of a famous scientist - held captive by a gang of godless goosesteppers!

The Three Stooges
Can THREE Stooges, save ONE orphanage, from FOREclosure?

Lords of the Rising Sun
Self proclamed as having "the greatest graphics and animation ever to appear in a wargame", it is truly a visual masterpiece.

TV Sports Football
The first of Cinemaware's popular "TV Sports" lineup of products, it set new standards for sports games which heavily influenced EA's popular Madden series.

It Came From the Desert
See decent Americans terrorized! Hear teenage girls squeal! Presented in Thrill-o-vision! Make them ants cry uncle!

TV Sports Basketball
Continuing from the success of its first TV Sports game, Cinemaware released TV Sport Basketball receiving much critical acclaim for its realism, league play and team strategies.

Antheads: It Came From the Desert II
"Antheads: It Came from the Desert II" featured a brand new plot following the aftermath in the first game. Find out why the nightmare won't go away, and solve many of the mysteries that were left unturned!

Cinemaware's parting gift to the gaming community, Wings would be its last and one of its best games to be released.

TV Sports Boxing
A rare TV Sports game which only appeared in the European market. Special thanks to Marco Ridolfo for providing the screen, manual and box scans!

TV Sports Baseball
A very rare Cinemaware title! Produced by Cinemaware and published by Mindscape.

All of the games are offered in all original formats, meaning that you can get DOFC for any of those systems:
  • Amiga Disk Image
  • Amstrad Disk Image
  • C=64 Disk Image
  • Atari ST Disk Image
  • Apple IIgs Disk Image
  • PC EXE (EGA)
  • PC EXE (CGA)
  • NES ROMs
  • CD32/CDTV
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