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You know peoples... I actually think these FTP's are good for what's left of the community, as people who are pressed for money, can try before spending hard earned moeny on something they might not even like. And since most of what was on these two FTP's was either totally abandoned or made free by the licenseholders in the first place, I believe a simple request of removing the still in developement software would've been a much better approach in the first place.

Going straight over someones head and demand a closedown before people can even realize what is going on, is a bad idea.

I have sympathy with your cause, AndreasM and Guru, but I think you jumped a litle bit too long. What would it have mattered if you gave Bippy and Ant some 12 hours to purge their FTP's for your stuff, before going straight to their ISP's crying "these two are sucking my lifeblood out" ?

I think, as we say in Norway, you did yourselves a bearfavour.
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