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Originally Posted by Bamiga2002
I've seen this "auction interference" in action too, and it's not funny. People should respect the idea of auction in general so that the auctions go as-they-should-be. No cheatin' or playin'.

thats all well and good, but I get fed up with auction snipers. My auctions typically run for three days, and mostly I don't get any action on them until the last 4 hours. I can't be doing with that kind of aggro.

I have done auction interference because I am not prepared to let something get away from me for the sake of a couple of pounds, you may not like it, but its a fact that it goes on, so if you want something bad enough, go do it yourself.

This is the real world, not Ebays 'fluffy' auction world. People are also getting sick and tired of Ebays rip off prices and their Final Value Fee, its no wonder people will accept offers from people when Ebay persists with their con pricing structure.
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