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Andreas, of course i understand that developers want money, and without money no any software. But also i understand users side. If author of some product do not work on his product now, and still want money from old (and buggy of course) programm, i will not want to pay him, becouse it is not give anythink (for amiga) except some dollars for author (who in any case will not work on amiga, why amiga will no arise or somethink like this (if)). Only for new, really in dev software it can be understand by user side. So. I am as user do very easy result - i check google, readme from archive, etc. If here is no site, words like 'sorry, i do not work for amiga anymore', but with it tons words about 'crime/piracy' - its just smell like .. like somethink
I also can understand if someone will take some amiga programm and port it to some computer for money, or somethink like this - yes. copyrigth,bla,bla. But for users on amiga _for present day_. Where is someone can take words about crime and piracy ?

btw, 10 years ago, i was write a game for old computer zx-spectrum. So, must i now go to the zx-specturm conference, and said : hey ! we all will be in jail ! crime and piracy suck ! give me more this pleasure dollars for my game ! ?
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