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Oh mans .. It is strange .. We really think, that this 'legal' words and polemics help to amiga ? Who will want pay for buggy stuff and hardware over fully working mac/pc with free (of course not legal) software ? I understand developers, i understand all who want money, but i understand users (who i am) too. Amiga - dead. Software - dead. Do not pirace it ? Ok. Smart step. Hope it give someone one or two dollaars.

As i said before , no problem do not ditribute software and games which still in stock.
But for all others ?

2 bippym
i Just currios, you was opening ftp with warez, and think that all said to you thanks ?
and you hope here is no agayn and agayn this sucking problems with dead computer for nostalgi ? Mans, did you think that here is no more ftp warez, or users copy amiga stuff (if still) to friends for money ?? Why need lair to himself and think about money from good,old,dead computer ?
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