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Originally Posted by Anubis
There is a new word I learned: "Amiga Resellers".

WHat company makes and sells amiga now days? What reseller is offering amiga as standard product?

Just by checking your web site, and seing the games that are sold without manuals (and BTW, manuals are required to run that game) tells you much about amiga market nowdays. How many real amigas will run in next decade? So market will get smaller, and sooner or later it will end.

Sure, you are holder of the right for software, and it is your right to ask for it to be removed from the FTPs. I do support your decission, but just I can't understand your logic.

I think I remember when you (or someone simillar) were the reson DOpus was removed from AIAB couple of years ago.
Again, I'm not against abandonware. I really don't care if you leech that. The games you mention that are for sale on my site are for collectors mainly, or people that just want to have a smashing nice bookshelf with classic games that is sure to spawn off interesting discussions. But why don't you look at the new software which is actually produced today, such as Audio Evolution or some of the games released this side of 2000? Or the hardware that companies that Individual Computers for instance make?

And as for the comment about AIAB, I urge you to take a look here where Magellan IS included. Granted, it is a demo version. Check out Credits, the Amiga links or what have you. I can tell you I have gotten quite a few of inquiries about buying Magellan for AmiKit, unfortunately at this time that is not possible due to technical problems which will be fixed as soon as humanly possible.

As to my logic, ofcourse I hope that Amigas will never die, but they do. Hopefully OS4 and related hardware will fix that situation in the future, but from your comments I assume you haven't followed the recent developments with new OS releases and so on.
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