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Originally Posted by bippym
I'm not going to get into an argument with you but I underastand the following:

You tell me in PM that DOTC and DOTC will be released by you shorlty (along with wendetta).. now this is going to happen in 1 of 2 ways!

1. You are hoping to sell it
2. It is going to be a freebie mounted on your magazine

the first is immoral and I can't see cinemaware allow that to happen
we have a licence from Lars for the games. have you a licence for your ftp server?

the second.. well it can be downloaded FREE off their website so why anybody would want to buy your lame-o magazine for that game is beyond me!
i am sure you never see our mag

the users buy the mag to read the articles. the 5-10 fullversion on every cd are only a free gif from us to the other stuff on the cd.

and example: Wendetta are NOT free, or StormC are not free, too

>AndreasM you could learn alot about diplomacy from this guy.. and you wonder why nobody wants to talk or have anything to do with you...

We delete last year more as 500 ebay auction, more as 100 pages and ftp server. call 8x police and 15 or 20x our lawyer. dont have fun to diplomacy.

eab members know (is not the first time with illegal copies trouble here) that we watch our copyright, but you dont accept this...
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