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Originally Posted by bippym
Maybe Gurumeditation and his team are updating magellan for the classic amigas too!

This guy has been approachable and understanding.. It is the other idiot that is arrogant and doesn't listen to anything or anyone..
hmm, i am only arrogant when someone would like make us trouble.

Still he got what he wants.. lets hope his company doesn't crash and burn when he completely kills the amiga community!
sure, we release this year more as 10 new amiga products and some rereleases. how many make you for the community?

Making money off of a 12 yr old game and soon to be 20yr old game (If I understood him rightly) which is available for FREE from the developers website is pathetic, self-centred and lame!
you understand many wrong... or better.. you understand nothing...
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