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Originally Posted by Anubis
Thanks for answer BippyM!

What really bugs me is this:

Buddy, you are apparantly not doing it for 'community' but for your own interest. And yes - it is sad, as this togoether with cloanto kills amiga community. No many new users will come to community where you have to pay to get started...

How refreshing was to read F/A-18 develper's interview where he mentioned that makes him happy that people are still finding attractive his game and are playing it. To bad there is not a lot of people like him...
So bringing quality software to the Amiga and selling it, that is what is killing the Amiga community? Do you seriously think that people investing in Amiga want nothing back? Do you think that people investing (be it time, or money) will make enough sales to regain what they put down? There are not that many Amiga resellers left on this planet, and even fewer software houses. However, it is more often than not that it is these software "houses" that are producing the big titles, be it ports or genuine Amiga software.

You know, there are demo versions of Magellan. That should be enough to "get started" and then you are perfectly capable of making a decision if you like the software and buy it, or stop using it. If the community was alot bigger, then maybe titles could be given away for free and you could live on the support, but that's not going to happen when 1000 copies sold is considered a smash hit.
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