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Originally Posted by kas1e
I think amiga is not in situation in which we can said too much about illegal. I agree, that maybe bad to do warez of 'still in stock' software (like act&tcp, or how it called?), but i hope we all agree that here is no too much users who used 100% legal software (or maybe if here is someone, hi have tons of money ?). I agree also with this fact, that amiga almost do not have any software for which i (and i think most part of users) want pay. IF programm will be 'really' good. I will pay to author after i was used it and test it in full work mode.
I personally don't care much for the abandonware titles that exist on these FTPs. But when I see items that are still actively developed, with people throwing in their hard-earned cash.. sweat, blood and tears.. to get products out to the Amiga community - well, it saddens me.

I hold the rights to Directory Opus, a title which was bought for no small sum of money from GP Software some time ago. I would appreciate it if you guys took the time to clean up *atleast* the titles which belongs to software houses still around today. Most of you enjoy the Amiga, most of the producers of software does it cause they like the Amiga. These are not companies that can afford piracy, people..
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