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I had trouble with it (1.245). I had to remove it from my boot partition because it was causing corruption and crashes (identical duplicate FFS partition worked fine). The corruption on the boot partition ended when I switched to FFS.

I still have it on two partitions, but (after much testing) I suspect it is the cause of some increasing crashes and "strangeness" on my system (taking huge amounts of time to copy files, crash when drive spins down). Unfortunately, I can't switch to FFS to test because my main partition is 3Gb and I have nowhere to copy it to.

In SFSsalve, does anybody know what the "BAD" dirs mean? Whenever I run SFSsalve on my main partition, it shows a whole bunch of BAD dirs and they seem to be increasing in number. My other SFS partition - for internet cache and temp - doesn't ever show BAD dirs. Anybody have an idea?
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