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Originally Posted by keropi
ofcourse, THB!!!!

@dir_mar: 6th update??? for g-rex??? I cannot remember, what's the filename?
No Kepori, I mean that CuberGraph-X 4 drivers have 6 updates after it's original CD release.
I am not sure where I found it yesterday.

Check it at the Zone, I have already upload it.

It has better support for the graphic cards under OS3.9 BB2, bug fixes and I think that supports more cards than the first installation of the CD of CyberGraphX-4. You must have the original CD to apply this update.
I have tested to my A4000 and it is ok.

I hope to see 3dfx drivers or ATI PCI drivers to be released from CyberGraphX-4 someday.

By the way, vessalia have already put ATI Radeon 9xxx (128MB) for sale, drivers for 3.x are under developing
and the price is 48EUR !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It seems that the official release of AmigaOS4 for our machines, is near !!!!!

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