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SFS V2.3!! (Smart File System V2.3)

Look!! ;-)

SFS2 2.3 (4.3.2006)
- Changed structures to allow larger partitions (1 TB with 512
bytes/block, 64 TB with 32768 bytes/block).
- WARNING: Version 2.3 is NOT compatible to 2.2 and 2.1, you have
to reformat your SFS2 partitions.

SFS2 2.2/m68k (25.2.2006)
- Ported to AmigaOS 3.x/m68k.

SFS2 2.2 (18.2.2006)
- Fixed an overflow bug.

SFS2 2.1 (18.2.2006)
- Support for files > 4 GB added.
- DOSType is 'SFS\2' (0x53465302), add it to your kicklayout, don't
replace SFS 1.x, SFS 2.x doesn't support SFS 1.x partitions.
- You'll hardly find anything which works with files > 4 GB, but
developers can add support for large files to their applications
and test them with this SFS2 now, please use the SFS mailing list
if you have questions about how to add support for large files.
- Don't use it for important data yet, there are probably still bugs
in the > 4 GB file support left, but since nearly all applications
have to be changed to support files > 4 GB (and most even to work
correctly with files > 2 GB) it's IMHO better to release it now
even if it's not perfect yet.
- The max. partition size limits are unchanged, check the 1.245 entry.
- Many thanks to the 4 people sending donations for the large file

Anyone tried it yet?
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