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Vesalia has changed many things at it's site, the same did Elbox too. This maybe good for Mediators, AmigaOS4 and Sharks G3/G4 . Think about... to find a life on Mars and after that to have Sharks on Amigas ?

Commie. the 6.5.27 is already here and it is 5 CDs. 6.5.29 is not available in emule yet
Opote vlepw polla posts edw, na ypo8etw oti ... to synefo efere vroxh sthn Kw?

Check at: there is a video-commercial from MEMOX in Greek Language.
It's WMV video but it could be in DVD VOB, that my Amiga 500+ can play
Any convertor from WMV to amiga animation ?

Keropi: Yparxei kai 6o update gia to CGX-4. To exeis valei ?

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