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Amiga 4000/040 is very small. It's the most beautiful Amiga ever!!!

I wish I was a SGI Indigo-2 to be in love with an Amiga 4000 (next to the table).

Think about a TCP/IP computer relationship via samba networking

And she needs an accelerator!!! Processing speed is very slow for a 040.
Guys in Commodore put the memory one hand away from the CPU !!!

Otherwise, it works nice with a IDE Maxtor 20GB Hard Disk and a 16x IDE DVD (very recent bought) and AmigaOS 3.9 BB2. In AGA modes (32 colours) it has better speed than the Spectrum EGS at 15 bit with CGX-4. So we are looking desperately for the Desktop version of Mediator, to use it via a PCI graphic card.
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