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Originally Posted by blade002
Im in Australia, but i dont see many Amiga users here anymore. but im going to be getting one of my Amiga's up and running again soon.

I currently own and A500 & A1200. My 1200 has a Blizzard 030/50 with 16 meg fast & 2 meg chip ( obviously ) with a CD Drive.

All i need now is a new Hardrive for it.
This happened because Escom/Gateway/HaageNPartner/Elbox etc. delayed very much to everything.

Think about it, we are still waiting for AmigaOS 4.0.

That's bad and a lot of Amiga people have left their machines.

That's why we have many Amigas to our home .

Australia was a Great Power on Amiga Community. This is true !!!
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