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I've been meaning to set up an FTP since I first joined EAB, whenever that was. So, after seeing this thread, I set about putting a server together using an old PC I had lying around. I put a new 250GB drive in it, a Firewire card and a wireless card, and it didn't work - whenever I copied a file to the main drive from an external Firewire drive it crashed. So, I spent nearly £200 building a new computer to use as a dedicated FTP/database/web server. Put it together, copied a file over from the Firewire drive - it crashed again. Turns out that the £10 Firewire card is dodgy.


Anyway, I'm still working on putting the server together. If anyone's interested, have a look here:

Port: 21
Username: eab
Password: thisisatest

I've only got 256Kb up, so don't expect miracles, and there isn't much on the server yet. It should be up most of the time (this is the reason for getting a dedicated box).

If anyone wants to upload anything, PM me and I'll create an upload account for you.

Note that this is still a test, so don't be surprised if the server suddenly vanishes.

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