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Amiga? What's that?!?
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Hey, this lame crypto-atari fundamendalist called dir_marillion started a thread about greek amiga users? This is outrageous!!!!
To be a little more serious (a rare case for me), dir_marillion is a very nice guy and he loves amiga just like everyone of us in here! The sad factor in his personality is that he started getting involved to the amiga miracle AFTER having his brain lobotomized for several years by some infamous atari machines :P
And so did keropi with some lousy intel boxes... :P He seems to be a nice guy himself, though!
Well, I've been using miggies since late 1988, after being a ZX spectrum and C=64 user for long (since 1984).
My amiga gear today, has as follows:

-2*A500 w/1mb chip, 1*A590 w/200mb SCSI+2mb fast
-A600 unexpanded w/40mb HD
-2*A500plus w/2mb chip, 1*GVP A530 w/2gb SCSI (thanx for the HD, marillion!!!)+8mb fast+DigiView digitizer
-2*A1200 (one is my main everyday-purpose computer, w/CDR, 10gb HD etc.)
-2*Apollo 1240
-Blizzard 1230
-lots of 72-pin miggy compatible SIMMs
-4mb internal A1200 fast expansion
-2*A500+1*A500plus for spares
-1*A1200 for spares

By the way, most amiga users I know like heavy and hard rock! This is an extra advantage for an already enlightened computer user
Na eimaste kala kai na synexizoume na yposthrizoume thn amiga, paidia!
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