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Anyone working on a real Amiga mags archive?

Similar to the magazine scan/covertape collection World Of Spectrum provide on their FTP, and also to the Zzap!64 store's DVD sets!

As much as we have differing opinions on the quality of each magazine, I just think it would be lovely to have all the pages and all the coverdisks together at one place/on one set each. I know I enjoyed many of the Action/Power/One coverdisks during my Amiga years for example, but (due to family policy over money-saving or space-saving or whatever it was back then) Power was the only mag I regularly bought for many years, having missed out parts of the other two. And even then I didn't get EVERY issue of Power, having not started buying it till Ish 13 (although before then we did get Ish 9 as a one-off at first)!

I know there's, but I was just wondering if there are many more contributors to the scanning/imaging process who could help out too?

I wonder if the SPS team get sent many coverdisks/IPFs of coverdisks btw?
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