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Pinball Brain Damage

Is it just me or is the CD version practically impossible to obtain?

It appears the only place you can buy it is from APC+TCP's store. Whether or not they requested that no-one else sell it or whether they're the only ones still bothering to flog it these days I don't know. Not even eBay appears to have copies floating about.

20 Euros alone sounds a bit much, but I was willing to see how much postage to the UK is....... except that not only do they not make it obvious how much you're likely to pay in postage, they don't even appear to have the bloody UK in their Country selection box at all!!! The fact the list is all in German certainly doesn't help.

And they complain about people obtaining their games through other means? Well, if they want more sales from us, then maybe they should lower their prices a tad more and - most importantly - have a proper online store which supports ALL countries!!!!!
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