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Thumbs up Ok Guys....

Ok Cody and Walker (the silent partner in this endeavor, I take it)
The following have been uploaded:

1.D Day (Loricels) English & French. To play the game, these fixed ADF's will help. just use the ol' eject-return to emulation-F12-insert -Ok trick with this one!. Use DF:0 only.

2.Hanse Die Expedition ADF's and HD version. To play from floppy,
you MUST start from The Workbench, AGA at least 3.1.

3.Die Fugger with config and instructions. Very simple to play this. use Ecs 13 BTTR config or an A 500 config. The game asks you to match a letter/number code with a color. On the first screen, the combos of Number/Letters and the corresponding colors are given to you. Problem is, you cannot switch back to this screen when the game asks you for the first match. I simply opened the game in either WinUAE or WinFellow, kept the first screen open, (froze screen), and opened the game in another emulator (You can now have multiple versions of WinUAE running with 8.17 r2 and 3)..and voila! just do the match. Not too hard this solution.

4.Fixed (thanks to Ian) versions of Operation Spruance and its American counterpart, USS John Young 2.
The problem with these 2 babies is that, although the training demo now works, there is no way to access the missions. Too bad, its a great game for the PC.

5.Fire Brigade is easy. Just wait until screen after tank loads. Right click anywhere on screen and hold. On title bar near top of screen, commands appear..File...Windows....Reports...Staff. Start game from file, of course. See pic.
Oh..and all save for Hanse use ECS 13 config from BTTR! WinUAE 8.14 or 8.17 preferred.

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