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Originally posted by MarzAttakz
Awwwhhh, you're just jealous, dude. Besides, I didn't actually say it was good. I just thought that I'd make a little Afroman joke there regarding the 'stoned' comment.
You did not say it was good on this message, but you have said that on a previous message. The first time I heard that song, I knew it was a disaster, pandering to kiddies who were instantly amused at hearing someone talking about being high. The same mentality that made "Whoomp There It Is" a hit a decade before because it takes no level of thinking to absorb. Making hit records like these is the easiest task in the world, it's just hard to find 'artists' who will sell out their career for one idiotic novelty record for 11-year olds.

Jealous? Yeah, dude. I am jealous. I wish I was Afroman.
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