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Re: Re: Walker & Cody's "I Cannae Get Her Workin' Capt'n" List

Originally posted by Akira
I tried this (One On One) on my A600 and it didn't work either. Perhaps it needs an older machine, OR th ADF circulating the 'net is dodgy.

Will try it on my mate's A1000
I have the typical compact with One On One, as well as the standalone disk - one or both of them I got to work back in the days of Rockie and Shane Monroe. In fact, Shane made me a config file for getting the game to work, which it did. But I just tried it out and the game doesn't get past the Electronic Arts logo again, so...

So the adf's probably aren't dodgy. All of that old E/A stuff is a pain in the ass! They should work on your friend's A1000 or any pre-1.3 machine.

//UPDATE: I got it to work with that config. I was trying it in NTSC here, but I had it working originally in PAL before. The trick is to wait for the game to load. It appears to be hung on a certain track, but it actually isn't (indicated by the screen gradually getting darker until the demo screen appears). I couldn't actually figure out how to control the character, however.
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